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Invitataion For Bids(IFB)
1. Medical Superintendent King Abdullah Teaching Hospital Mansehra invites sealed bids under National Competitive
Bidding from National Manufactures and authorized /sole agents for procurement of Bio-Medical Equipments/Instruments
through Single Stage Two Envelopes bidding procedure as per Rule 06(2,6) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement
Regularoty Authority (KPPRA)Procurement Rules 2014,during the financial year 2014-2015
2. Bidding documents of Bio-Medical Equipments/Instruments can be obtained from Medical Superintendent King ABDULLAH
Teaching Hospital Mansehra
3. As Pre-Bid Meeting will be held on 16/02/2015 at 11.00 A.M at the address given below.The bidders are requested to
throughly study the Standard Bidding Documents before the Pre-Bird meeting for any clarification of their queries
during the said meeting
4. Bids must be delivered at the address given below at or before 11.00 on 23/02/2015 and shell be opened at the presence
of the bidders or their authorized representative,who choose to attend at the address below at 11.00 hours at the same
same date
5. If the required Nos of Bids are not recieved on 23/02/2015 the next day for the receipt of Bids will be 28/02/2015 at
11.00 hours and the Bids will be opened on the same date 11.30 in the presence of bidders or their representatives.
6. Firms shall submit the Bid Security in an envelope contaning financial Bids in the shape of Pay Order (PO)/Demand
Draft(DD)/Call Deposit Receipt(CDR)equal to 2% of their bid amount in the name of Medical Superintendent King ABDULLAH
Teaching Hospital MANSEHRA.The Bidders shall submit an undertaking/affidavit in their Technical Bids that the requisite
Bid Security is included in their Financial Bids without mentioning the amount.Late bids will be treated as non-responsive.
7. The Bidders are requested to give their best and final price for the quoted equipments as per the Specifications as no
negotations on the price are allowed.The bid must be valid up to 120 days from opening of the bid.

1. The competent Authority has the right to reject all bids under Rules 47 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement
Regulatory Authority (KPPRA) Procurement Rules 2014.
2. For all the electrically operated equipiments should be cleared enough to Compensate for the low voltage/Fluctuations
or should have built-in/external AVR system for smooth running to the equipments.
The firm concerned will be responsible for providing technical manual/circuit diagrams and training to the end
users and biomedical engineers of electro medical workshop.

Dr. Muhammad Naeem Awan

Medical Superintendent

King Abdullah Teaching Hostpital Mansehra.