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  1. 1.                  Surgical unit: –    

Surgical unit is functional with 22 male 12 for female beds with two Surgical Specialist and 04 Medical Officers, 02 in morning, 01 evening and 01 at night. The Surgical Specialist is on call for 24 hours.


  1. 2.                  Medical unit.

Medical unit functional with 12 male and 12 female beds. 02 posts of Medical Specialists are sanctioned one is vacant,  The department is looked after by medical specialist and 03 Medical Officers in the morning. One in evening and one at night.



  1. 3.                  Orthopedic Unit

Orthopedic unit is functional with 12 male and 12 female beds with One Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Officer in the morning, in Evening and Night the Medical Officers of the surgical ward look after the orthopedic unit.



  1. 4.                  ICU/CCU

ICU/CCU is functional with 07 beds male and female both with one Cardiologist in the morning and one Medical Officer in each shift.



  1. 5.                  Gynae/Obs unit and Labour Room

Gynae/Obs unit is functional with 24 beds, having 02 Gynecologists and 04 Woman Medical Officers, Gynae department is well equipped with the support of UNFPA and PRIDE



  1. Pediatric ward with Nursery

Pediatric ward including Nursery is functional with 36 beds, having One Pediatrician 04 Medical Officers in the Morning, One Medical Officer at Evening and Night.




  1. 7.                  ENT unit

ENT ward functional with 06 beds only, having 01 ENT Specialists and one Medical Officer in the Morning.



  1. 8.                  Eye Specialist

Eye ward is functional with 06 beds only, having one Eye Specialist.



  1. 9.                  Isolation

Isolation ward is functional with 06 beds, 03 male and 03 female, reserved for infectious diseases patients and looked after by the staff of Medical unit.



  1. 10.              Emergency department

Emergency department is functional in residential area, having 08 beds and minor procedures room. 06 Medical Officers working in emergency department with 02 Paramedical and one Nurse in each shift. In the Evening shift due to heavy work load 02 Medical Officers are performing duty in Casualty department.


11.  X-Ray Department and Laboratory and blood bank are functional round the clock.


12.  Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy department was established after earthquake 2005 with the help of ERRA. Department has all necessary equipment’s and proper qualified staff. The timing of physiotherapy department is from 8:00am to 1:30pm on all working days.