King Abdullah Teaching Hospital Mansehra was established in 1976 having 107 beds capacity. The Hospital was upgraded to 250 beds in 1999 after the Public private partnership agreement with Frontier Medical College Abbottabad.

In 2003 the hospital was notified as type-A Hospital under SAC project and different blocks were under construction when the earthquake October 2005 hit the area damaging the major blocks of the hospital.

After the earthquake the hospital is functional in residential area with bed capacity of 170 beds. Construction of new hospital has been started by Saudi Government through ERRA and completion of the project is in October 2012.


Following departments are functional in hospital: –

  1. Outdoor department in CGI shelter.
  2. Emergency department.
  3. Surgical unit
  4. Medical unit
  5. Orthopedic unit
  6. ICU/CCU
  7. ENT Unit
  8. Eye unit
  9. Pediatric with Nursery
  10. Isolation ward
  11. Gynae/Obs department and Labor Room.
  12. Community Midwifery School